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Beijing 51CTO Information Technology Ltd. founded in 2005, is a leading IT technology online learning platform and IT technology community in China. It has a strong influence and service capabilities for tens of millions of IT technicians in China.

51CTO is one of the largest IT technology communities in China. Through comprehensive product service system such as technology community, technology blog and new media matrix, it has gathered 20 million IT technicians, 500,000 technology bloggers and CTOs from nearly 1,000 IT companies.. As a strategic partner of Huawei HarmonyOS operating system, 51CTO undertakes the operation of HarmonyOS official official technical community, and fully serves the developer ecosystem of HarmonyOS. The WOT hosted by 51CTO is an industry event for Chinese IT technicians, attracting thousands of top technicians for on-site exchanges every year. 51CTO is an important participant in the publishing of IT technology books in China, and the number of IT technology books published in cooperation with 51CTO has reached more than 3 million.

As China's leading IT technology online learning platform, 51CTO Academy has a wealth of IT technology online education resources: more than 4500 lecturers have cooperated with the platform, a total of more than 21,000 online courses, completely covering the fields of vocational education such as employment training, on-the-job promotion, certification and examination, and more than 7 million IT technical technicians have been trained. More than 1500 colleges and universities in China have introduced 51CTO curriculum resources and teaching systems to help college students learn and master the latest IT skills. The 51CTO corporate online training platform has thousands of large and medium-sized corporate customers, such as China Unicom, China Mobile, China Merchants Bank, Ping An, iSoftStone, etc., helping companies facing the challenges of digital transformation to solve the problems of digital talent training.

CTO training camp is one of 51CTO's platforms for technology managers, committed to providing knowledge learning and value growth for technology leaders in the industry. It emphasizes the "technical horizon" and "commercial horizon " of technology managers, and helps Chinese technology managers improve their technology decision-making ability, commercial knowledge and leadership ability, so as to become a leader in the future technology field.

51CTO's high-quality education ability and good reputation have also been recognized and trusted by the government and the industry. At present, 51CTO is one of the top 100 information consumption demonstration project units of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the first batch of institutions to undertake the task of talent evaluation and ability improvement in key areas of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the first batch of cooperative units of "24365 Campus Recruitment Service" of the Ministry of Education, and one of the first institutions selected into Beijing high-end industrial skills upgrading training institutions.

51CTO is Oracle's first online training partner in China, and has become an authorized training unit of China International Talent Exchange Foundation, PMI Project Management Association, Red Hat Linux and Alicloud.

Since 2015, 51CTO has successively completed US $40 million financing led by TBP Capital and Gaocheng Capital and other funds.

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51CTO owns:

High-quality professional vertical technology media in the field of IT and Internet in China: 51CTO.com>
China's leading IT technology online vocational education platform: edu.51cto.com
China's industry information construction platform: CIOAGE.com
China’s Professional media platform focusing on digital healthcare:Hc3i.cn
WOT high-end summit platform: wot.51 cto.com

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